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At Mec Engineers Consulting Ltd We provide engineering-related services such as design, supervision, execution, repair, operation, maintenance, technology, creation of drawings and specifications, and make recommendations to public companies, firms and industries.etc


Our Engineers have high analytical skills and aptitudes as they are successful engineers. These professionals evaluate current needs, then design or redesign solutions ranging from bridges, roads and engines to computer chips, and electrical systems.


The analytical skills are also needed to identify problems before they occur, determine the root causes of the problems, create and test prototypes, and evaluate test results

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We are not an average Consultancy and Engineering Firm. The best of your choice is us

Mec Engineers Consulting Ltd’s projects and operations are managed and administered by well regarded and highly skilled Engineers who have extensive experience in design, construction and supervision of buildings and road/highway infrastructure of various classes and complexity including ancillary structures. The Engineers and senior staff of Mec Engineers Consulting Ltd are thoroughly familiar with the executive and management aspects of engineering projects.

At Mec Engineers Consulting Ltd , the directors and senior members of staff possess extensive wealth of experience in undertaking a variety of engineering works, projects and in providing professional consultancy services. The Firm's senior team comprises individuals who have worked extensively both in the public and private sectors at managerial level. They have provided services to the Government of Zambia, quasi government institutions and private institutions and companies for over several years in their individual capacities.

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